Art of the Deal

ESO trading guilds.
Mail @NotKacie or @NotEdwin in-game for an invite.


These guilds were started by @NotKacie and @NotEdwin.

Art of the Deal is more focused on trading with weekly dues.

Art of the Trade is more laid back with no dues.

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Last Updated: 2019-04-12

I. General Questions

Q) Why is your guild name Art of the Deal?

A) The name came up as a meme since Trump's book has the same name, and it has to do with trading, so we thought it'd fit a trading guild pretty well.

Q) Trump?!?!?!!

A) Don't worry, we're an apolitical guild, and therefore we don't allow any political discussions in our Discord or in our guild chat, but our meme channel on Discord is open for funny political memes as long as it doesn't turn in to an argument.

Q) What is Art of the Trade?

A) It's our sister guild that is more laid back with no weekly dues. We believe players should learn to trade before closing deals!

Q) How much do the guild traders cost each week?

A) We can't tell that to anyone. Since the trader bids are silent bids, nobody knows what we're bidding and we don't know what anyone else is bidding. If someone found out what we were bidding they could outbid us on our spot, which is why we keep this a secret.

Q) You guys lost the bid and don't have a trader this week, what happened?

A) Usually what happens is that we get outbid if we lose a trader. Since the bids are silent we don't know what someone put on the same trader. We will do our best to get a trader the following week after we lose a bid.


II. Membership Questions

Q) What are the guild requirements of Art of the Deal?

A) 5k gold in raffle tickets or donations, or 150k in sales. 150k in sales equals to 5k profit made for the guild!

Q) What are the guild requirements of Art of the Trade?

A) We have none!

Q) I just joined Art of the Deal, will I get kicked if I don't meet the requirements this week?

A) No, you don't need to meet the requirements the first week, but you do need to meet them the next full guild week.

Q) I had a bad week and couldn't sell much, and I don't have enough money for dues this week, will I get kicked?

A) You'll only get kicked if you miss your dues two weeks in a row! We understand that everyone can have a bad week.

Q) So what stops me from paying my dues every other week?

A) Thought you'd ask that ;). If we notice that a player has deliberately been paying their dues every other week they will get warned, and we will require them to pay their dues every week, if they miss a week they're kicked.

Q) We have no trader this week so I can't sell anything or afford the dues, what do I do?

A) Weeks where we have no trader you do not need to pay dues. You can if you want to but you will not get kicked if you don't. We don't think it would be fair to make someone pay their dues for a trader we don't have.

Q) Am I allowed to come back if I get kicked?

A) Yes, you're always welcome back if you were inactive for too long or didn't meet your minimums, but if you were kicked for not behaving, then most likely no.

Q) What rules do I have to follow?

A) We don't have many rules, don't discuss politics, and don't be a dick, and listen to the Officers/GMs.

Q) How long can I be inactive before I get kicked?

A) We have a 2 week inactivity policy. So you will be kicked if you've been inactive for 14 days, make sure that if you do play in offline mode, to go online once each 14 days to remain in the guild.

Q) I'm going to have to be inactive for more than 2 weeks, is there any way to stay in the guild?

A) Yes, send a message to one of the guild masters, or the officers, or just write in the Discord and we will put a note next to your name so we know not to kick you.

Q) Can I be in both guilds?

A) Yes, ask the GMs for an invite. Some Officers might not be in both, but you can always ask!


III. Raffle Questions

Q) What is a raffle and how do I participate?

A) In our raffle we have set prizes, you purchase a ticket by depositing money in to the guild bank or mailing it to @NotKacie for Art of the Deal, and @NotEdwin for Art of the Trade, each ticket costs 1,000 gold, so if you deposit/send 2,000 gold that's two tickets!

In Art of the Trade, our 5 base prizes are gold, but they scale to the amount of tickets you've bought that week, meaning the more tickets you've bought that week, the higher your prize is if you win. The base amount of the prizes are still high so that the players who don't have that much gold to spend in the raffle still get a good amount of gold if they win. But all the gold prizes aren't equal, there are 5 prizes, the one at the top has the smallest base amount and the smallest modifier, the one at the bottom has the biggest base amount and the biggest modifier, as the prizes progress down their base amounts and modifiers increase.

After you've bought tickets they will be processed and you'll get a number that you can view in the spreadsheet which is linked in our discord, when we draw the raffle we use a random number generator, if your number is picked we'll mail you what you won, you do not need to be online to win!

Q) How many times can I win in a raffle?

A) You can only win once per week.

Q) Can I help the guild with the raffles by donating items?

A) Yes! To figure out what items we need, look at the spreadsheet which displays our raffle prizes, then when you've figured out what you want to donate, mail the items to @NotKacie, or deposit them in to the Art of the Trade guild bank if you're in that guild! We use that guild bank for storing all the items!

Q) How do we know that the raffles aren't a scam?

A) Each week we put who won each prize in the raffle spreadsheet, and you can go back and look at the past weeks. There is no point in scamming our members since we just use the money we make from the tickets to fund the prizes.

Q) But the same people win every week?

A) The people who win the raffles every week are usually the people who buy a lot of tickets, the more tickets = more of a chance to win.

Q) When do I get my prize after I win?

A) Usually the prizes are sent out the day after the raffle is drawn, please be patient.

Q) What happens if I buy raffle tickets and leave?

A) Then your raffle tickets will be counted as donations and you will not be able to win anything, we don't require you to be online, but you need to be a member of the guild to win something at the time of the drawing.


IV. Ranking/Guild Bank Questions

Q) How do I achieve a higher guild rank in Art of the Deal?

A) Your rank will be decided based on your contributions to the guild.

In Danger Dealer < 5k for 1 week
Deal Starter - 5,000-29,999g
Dealer - 30,000-49,999g
Deal Closer - 50,000-99,999g
Master Closer - 100,000g+

This is the profit the guild makes from you. If you don't want to sell anything but want to have Master Closer for example, all you need to do is donate 100k or buy 100k worth of Raffle tickets.

So what adds to your weekly numbers for the ranks?

Well, we make 3.5% in tax from each sale in the guild.

We make roughly 75% from our Raffle, but we will still give you 100% credit for each ticket.

We make 100% from Item Donations IF they're desired items such as raw mats, alchemy mats, tempers, etc, the way we profit from this is that we will either include it in our raffle or auction it, or both.

Mail @NotKacie if you want to donate items to find out what we need.

For our auctions, let's say an item goes for 10k according to Master Merchant, anything you bid that is above that is pure profit for us.


Sales: 3.5%
Raffle: 100%
Item Donations: 100% (Only if they're items we need, mail @NotKacie for specifics)
Donations: 100%
Auction: If an item goes for 10k, and you win the bid with 25k, 100% of what you bid over MM goes towards your weekly numbers. So 15,000g in that specific case.

These ranks are updated weekly.

Q) What is the point of having a higher rank in Art of the Deal?

A) Bragging rights. But also, the Deal Closer & Master Closer ranks have access to the guild bank!

Q) How do I get a higher rank in Art of the Trade?

A) It's simpler and less specific here!

Trader - Sell something or buy a raffle ticket (this rank is permanent)
Skilled Trader - Buy a couple raffle tickets and/or have good sales
Master Trader - Buy a lot of raffle tickets and/or have very good sales

These ranks are updated weekly-ish.

Q) What is the point of having a higher rank in Art of the Trade?

A) Bragging rights. But you can also edit your own note in the higher ranks.

Q) What are the guild bank rules?

A) We don't feel like we really need to set any rules since the requirements for the guild bank are so high, but, don't take out items for other people, and don't clean the guild bank out.

Q) Can I get access to the guild bank in Art of the Trade?

A) Our guild bank for Art of the Trade is for storage for auction and raffle items for both guilds. We will not give anyone access, but you're welcome to deposit donations in there!

Q) I deposited money in the guild bank but I don't see myself on the spreadsheet?

A) It might be because we haven't gotten to processing the tickets yet.

Ask an Officer if they see your deposit in the guild bank. If they don't, make sure you deposited in the right guild bank.

If you're sure you did then you might have been hit by the guild bank bug, sometimes deposited money gets taken from your account but never put in our bank. To get your money back create a support ticket in-game or on the ESO support site. Include information such as the day, date, which guild and time.

Something that might help for next time is letting the items in the guild bank completely load before you make your deposit and not closing the UI instantly after the deposit.


V. Auction Questions

Q) What is an auction and how do I participate?

A) We will set a time for when the auction will happen, you will find this time in the in-game MOTD of our guild. We're currently only doing auctions for Art of the Deal.

The auctioneer in chat will list what we're bidding on, so 1 hour farm time for example, then a Starting Bid, which means the lowest you can bid on an item.

All you do to participate is type your bid in the chat, it obviously has to be higher than the previous persons bid, generally in 1k increments unless the auctioneer says otherwise.

Q) What happens if I win the bid on an item?

A) Then you send a mail to @NotKacie with the gold, and you put what you bid on in the subject line of the mail.

Q) How soon after I win the bid do I have to send the gold?

A) Pretty much within a few minutes, only bid on auction items if you can pay for it right after you win, if you take too long sending the gold, the items will be sent to you via C.O.D. and you will pay for the fee.

Q) I just won my bid on a lot in the auction, when do I get my items?

A) Usually the items are sent out the day after the auction, please be patient.

Q) How do I donate auction items or sponsor a crown auction?

A) If you have items to donate or want to sponsor a crown pack send a mail to @NotKacie.

Q) What are the rules for the auction?

A) The auctioneer will post these rules in the chat every week:

I) Only bid on auction items if you can pay for it right after you win. The gold is mailed to @NotKacie, include what you bid on in the subject line. If you take too long sending the gold, the items will be sent to you via C.O.D. and you will pay for the fee.

II) We don't want to see any LFM/LFG, PC, WTS/WTB, or troll bids in chat during the auction to avoid confusion and spam.

III) Bids are done in 1k increments unless the auctioneer says otherwise.

IV) You will recieve your items the day after the auction is done, only after we have received your payment.